Digital Scrapbooking – Should I Use Digital Scrapbook Software Or Photo Editing Software?

Digital scrapbooking is a vibrant, growing craft that provides an excellent opportunity to be creative while preserving cherished memories. It shares many of the characteristics of traditional scrapbooking, but can be more convenient because it typically does not require as much set up time or space. Also, the ability to edit or undo anything can make the difference between a successful album or page and one that gets tossed into the recycle bin. As an added bonus, elements (embellishments and papers) can be used more than once. The first step is choosing which software to use.

There are two basic types of software: photo editing software and digital scrapbooking software. This article will provide an overview of the strengths of each.

Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software focuses on individual pages. Most scrapbookers use this type of software to create their digital albums. In general, this type of software provides powerful tools for creating and editing individual album page objects (photos, background papers, embellishments, and journaling).

Specific Advantages

  • Tools for complex photo editing
  • A wide variety of artistic effects
  • Exact control of elements on the page
  • Outstanding tools for creating page elements – background papers and embellishments
  • Precise control of page properties – size, shape, and resolution

Digital Scrapbooking Software

This type of software takes a broader view of digital album creation. In general, it excels at creating entire albums quickly and working with an album as a whole (rather than individual pages). The number and quality of the tools for editing page objects varies widely by software product.

Specific Advantages

  • User-friendly approach
  • Fast album and page creation, often including the ability to drag and drop photos or other page objects directly onto pages
  • Pre-designed graphics for scrapbooking often included (page layout templates, background papers, embellishments, etc.)
  • Program functions that are specific to the interests of digital scrapbookers
  • Multiple sharing options, which can include DVDs, movie files, photo books, and image files

The type of software that is right for you can depend on how much experience you have, how detail-oriented you are, and how much time you would like to devote to digital scrapbooking. More experienced scrapbookers that desire complete control over every aspect of their pages will probably prefer photo editing software for its editing capabilities. A beginning scrapbooker might prefer digital scrapbooking software, since it can often be easier to learn.

Many scrapbookers may find that they like to use both types of software in combination: photo editing software to edit their photos and create page objects like embellishments, and digital scrapbooking software to put the pages into an album and export or share them in a variety of ways.

Helpful Resources:

More photo editing software information.

More digital scrapbooking software information.

Use the links above and look for a solution that:

  • Makes sense to you and is easy to learn.
  • Has the features or approach that is most important to you (exact creative control, quick album creation, etc.).
  • Is inexpensive enough to leave you a budget for some of the excellent scrapbooking kits that you will want to use.

Both approaches are legitimate and have their own advantages. The key point is to find something that allows you to exercise your creativity and produce excellent scrapbook albums that capture your most precious moments.

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Dynamic Nutrition – Your Key to Fitness Success

It is a frustrating truth that no matter how hard and how well you are training, at some point in time, you will reach a plateau that you just can’t get over.

When you’re bulking up, this is because your muscles do not have enough nutrition to continue to grow. As you train, your muscle mass increases and you get stronger and you may need to eat more protein in order to maintain your evolving physique.

Similarly, if you’re cutting back your progress can be slowed down because excess nutrition is limiting the rate of fat loss.

When it comes to nutrition, small changes in your diet can mean big changes to your body.

Your nutrition needs are constantly changing and achieving the best nutrition plan for optimum fitness is a complex task. As your fitness improves and as your body changes, you need to fine-tune your nutrition in order to continue making progress. This is called dynamic nutrition.

When you reach a plateau, fitness experts recommend that you adjust your daily calorie intake by 500 calories for a period of a week. If you see no result you then make a further adjustment.

Some people fail to recognize the need for this change and stick rigidly to the same printed nutrition plan that served them well at the start of their fitness program.

Others know that they need to make alterations but find it difficult to work out what to do.

What they all have in common is that they risk making slower progress or in fact no progress, despite keeping up a tough exercise and training program.

When it comes to nutrition, small changes in your diet can mean big changes to your body.

It’s easy to work out how to change the number of calories you eat each day but making sure that you get exactly the right proportion of carbs, protein and fat is vital and this is where most people go wrong. The calculations become complicated and without expert guidance it is easy to make the wrong changes or just not enough of the right ones.

But if you are going to get over your plateau, dynamic nutrition will dramatically enhance your progress.

The experts agree on this and Men’s Fitness magazine summed it up when they said:

“If you learn how to eat right, you can double the benefits of your training; crafting that body you want in half the time”.

So, whether you use a program like plan:one with its unique Dynamic Nutrition Technology that works out everything automatically for you in seconds, or do it the hard way and calculate your requirements manually, dynamic nutrition will deliver the fitness results you want.

Is the Future of Shopping, T-Commerce?

Recent reports show that UK shopping habits are changing and we are now making more and more purchases not on the high street at the weekend but sitting in our lounge.

With the increase in internet enabled TV’s, the television is entering an entirely new era, with additional opportunities for advertising, marketing, revenue generation, and viewer participation.

A recent report from Conlumino suggests that up to ΒΌ of UK consumers will make online purchases from interactive TVs before the end of 2014, this is known as T-commerce.

T-commerce allows TV-viewers to respond directly to offers delivered on their TV screens, and instantly purchase products by using their existing remote controls and set-top boxes. But T-commerce goes further than just selling products via the television. With the additional customer interaction that you would not get from any other channel, you can get instant feedback from the viewer meaning an immediate response for the merchant. You can also deliver additional information on products, services or events directly from the content they are watching on the television.

The television is becoming a powerful commerce channel enabling merchants to sell over television and a lower cost than before.

To help stay ahead of the curve and develop an e-commerce platform ready for T-commerce, we recommend:

1. TV apps

Many of the Smart TV manufactures now offer software development kits (SDKs) enabling developers to create application designed for the TV. With this ability to develop applications merchants could create extensions of an online catalogue, greater social sharing experience, video-content marketing, or even games that introduce users to a their products.

2. Responsive design

Responsive design is a website philosophy and technique focused on giving users the best possible experience relative to their device – be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. With much of the focus for responsive design to work on small device screens, merchant websites should now also focus on the larger HD TV screens to optimize a website for television viewing.

3. Piggyback on existing marketplace

Many of the large marketplaces, like eBay or Amazon, have already started to enter the t-commerce space, therefore to get you started place some of your products on their marketplaces and piggyback on their system like the “Watch with eBay” application.

So is the future of shopping, T-commerce, I believe that it the natural progression of e-commerce and will change broadcasting and app development to create a seamless experience for the customer.